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Best Online Pharmacy in Dhaka Bangladesh

by osudpotro | Jun 29, 2021 15:20 pm

Best Online Pharmacy in Dhaka Bangladesh

Best Online Pharmacy in Dhaka Bangladesh

osudpotro is the complementary name of Online Pharmacy in Dhaka Bangladesh. Because we Can ensure genuine medicine and the fastest home delivery 24/7 in Dhaka City. Which makes it the best online pharmacy In Dhaka Bangladesh

Largest collections of medicine and healthcare products :


osudpotro has a large collection of online medicines and healthcare products. We are always trying to enrich our collections with the medicines of reputed Pharmaceuticals brands. We have various medicines according to a generic name. Not only that but also we have a feature named “arrange for me ''.According to these features if any customer requests a medicine that is not listed on our collection at that time we will arrange it and deliver it to the customer. Besides these, we also have different kinds of health care products.

Genuine medicines:

As an Online Pharmacy in Dhaka Bangladesh, We are collecting medicines directly from renowned  Pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh so that we can ensure 100% Genuine medicines. We are careful to keep the medicines at a sustainable temperature. We are very concerned about the expiration date before the medicine delivery.

24/7 Home delivery :

osudpotro provides a 24/7 medicine delivery service in Dhaka city. osudpotro have own dedicated delivery man to deliver medicine so that we can ensure the fastest delivery at any point in Dhaka city 

Call center support:

We have our professional and dedicated in-house online call center supporting team. osudpotro customer care supports 24/7 services to fulfill customer medical and healthcare needs. If you have any query regarding the order, medicine, healthcare product price, quality, Discount, etc. you can feel free to call at osudpotro  hotline 09610-00-11-22

Online consultancy:

osudpotro provides an online consulting service in Bangladesh. We have professional and experienced doctors for consultancy. During this covid pandemic situation, it will be a great opportunity to have healthcare as a telemedicine service.

Easy to use

osudpotro has a very user-friendly website, android, and IOS apps. From where anyone can create an account easily and have their necessary medicines and telemedicine service.