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OsudPotro is a trusted online pharmacy that offers prescription & OTC medicine, healthcare product home delivery and, free doctor consulting service in Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD). You can get free home delivery purchasing above 100 taka. We deliver medicine order 24/7, night time medicine delivery in dhaka, bangladesh. We have both ios and android medicine delivery apps which those are available in iso and google play app store. We do not provide online pharmacy course. We are very serious on medicine quality and customer care.

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Prescription Medicines

Prescription medicines require doctor’s prescription, as opposed to OTC medicines which can be purchased without one.

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OTC Medicines

OTC medicine refers to the medicine which anyone can buy without a prescription. People take OTC medicines to solve health issues without a prescription.

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Diabetes medicine

Diabetes medicine require doctor’s prescription, as opposed to OTC medicines which can be purchased without one.

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Kid's Item

We know that you want to look after your little one in the best way possible. These baby care products will help you manage better.

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Men's Products

Men's Products include all cosmetic products intended for use by men, such as skincare products, hair care products, body care products, sun care products, perfumes, and other decorative cosmetics.

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Rehabilitation Aids

Rehabilitation is the treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery from the state of injury or an illness. Our extensive range of Rehabilitation Aids includes Cervical Aids, Traction Kits, Abdominal Support, Walker, Braces, Splints, Gel Healthcare range & many more.

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Medical Devices

Medical Device means any instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, appliance, implant, in vitro reagent or calibrator, software, material or other similar or related article: ... disinfection of medical devices.

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Women's Products

Women's products are personal care products used during menstruation, vaginal discharge, and other bodily functions related to the vulva and vagina. Products used may include sanitary, tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, and period panties. It also include products meant to cleanse the vulva or vagina, such as douches, feminine wipes, and soap.

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Blood Pressure Kit

A sphygmomanometer has three parts: a cuff that can be inflated with air, a pressure meter (manometer) for measuring air pressure in the cuff, and. a stethoscope for listening to the sound the blood makes as it flows through the brachial artery (the major artery found in your upper arm).

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Glucose Meter

Glucose meter measures the sugar in your blood. Blood glucose test strips contain a capillary that sucks the blood up into the test strip.

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