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Prescription Medicines

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Sergel 20
Sergel 20Capsule
Clopid 75
Clopid 75Tablet
Monas 10
Monas 10Tablet
Azyth 500
Azyth 500Tablet
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osudpotro provides Prescription medicines that require a medical prescription to be dispensed also offers online medicines and healthcare products home delivery in Dhaka as well as all over Bangladesh.

OTC Medicines

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Cough and Flu
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OTC medicine refers to the medicine which anyone can buy without a prescription. People take OTC medicines to treat health issues without a prescription. OTC medicines treat a variety of illnesses and their symptoms, including pain, coughs and colds, diarrhea, constipation, acne, and others

Diabetes medicine

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Comet 500
Comet 500Tablet
Glizid 80
Glizid 80Tablet
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Diabetes medicine require doctor’s prescription, as opposed to OTC medicines which can be purchased without one.

Kid's Item

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We know that you want to look after your little one in the best way possible. These baby care products will help you manage better.


All Medicine

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Medicine is the field of health and healing. It aims to promote and maintain health and well-being
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Live Well with osudpotro: Your Quickest Online Pharmacy and Healthcare Platform

We understand your needs.

osudpotro is one of the leading online pharmacy in Bangladesh. Our Online Medicine Store is available

Providing Quality Service is Our Priority.

At osudpotro we have the largest inventory in Bangladesh with over 7 lakh medicines available at the best prices. We are your one-stop destination for other healthcare products as well, such as over the counter pharmaceuticals, healthcare devices and sexual wellbeing products.

The Services We Offer

We want to provide a 360-degree solution for your wellbeing. Our delivery is spread all over Bangladesh. Our online doctors are well trained and at your service. Our experienced Pharmacists are A Grade certified who cater to your problems at all times of the day.

Online Pharmacy

Our online model pharmacy can be accessed easily through our website and apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store where customers can upload their prescription. Our medicine inventories are directly supplied form the largest pharmaceutical companies and thus we ensure longest expiry dates for our all medicines and products and also authentic medicines.The model pharmacies are supervised by A Category Pharmacists who ensures the best service for our customers.

Delivery Services

Our delivery services are tailored upon your need we provide our regular delivery within 4 hours of order being accepted. For people who needs the orders delivered quickly we have an Urgent Delivery providing all orders to be served within 90 minutes.In case of Emergency and late night we have the Express Delivery delivered from 11pm at night to 9am to the morning.

Medicine Delivery Method and Delivery Charge:

Delivery Type
a. Regular Delivery
b. Next Day Delivery
c. Urgent Delivery
Applied Hours
6:00 am.-11:00 p.m.
6:00 am.-11:00 p.m.(Next Day)
10:00 am.- 11:00 pm.
Estimated delivery time
1.5 hours-4.5 hours
24 hours-36 hours
45 mins-1.5 hours
BDT 50/=
BDT 19/=
BDT 100/=

Delivery Type & Schedule

On Call Doctor

Our expert and experienced pool of doctors are always ready to serve any callers with their problems. Patients can communicate in our social media platforms and take an appointment or directly take the service from the app. Our Online Doctor Consultant communicated and prescribes all patients accordingly and provides the Best Telemedicine Services as well.


osudpotro provides the Best Online Diagnosis. Patients can get all tests done from the comfort of their home. osudpotro brings the fastest response and quickest Test Sample Collection process possible. User can choose from a list of lab tests, get samples collected from home, get their results via email or app and also get free Online Doctor Consultancy. We provide the Best Digital Diagnosis all over Dhaka.

Dedicated Call Center

Our Call Center is operated by Experienced Teleconsultants and are always there to serve all customers at all times.